'Barack Light Brown Sofa' Now Available on Overstock.com

I don't. I can't. What? It's a light brown sofa for sale on Overstock.com named after the President of the United States of America. Great, so now fucking furniture is doing blackface? I love that we can't avoid this garbage even when we're shopping for hideous cheap furnishings. I JUST WANT TO PURCHASE A GODDAMNED DEEP DISCOUNT COUCH THAT ISN'T RACIST.


Interestingly, according to my reverse pic search, it looks like the couch was first for sale at Home Furniture Showroom, a Lowe's company. So, yeah, not some weird off-brand insanity, but from a division of an enormous national chain. Other couches on the site now are named things like "Delaney" and "Handy Couch", so the "Barack Light Brown Sofa" somehow seems even weirder.

Oh well, it'd probably still lead the country better than Romney could? So, at least there's that. (?) (???)

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