Banker-Dater Laney "DABA" Crowell Fired By Fashion Website

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There's trouble in DABA-land. A trusted tipster says (and the company confirms) that one of the New York Times' infamous, blogging bankerdaters has been fired and another is suffering relationship fallout.


Our source says that StyleCaster's Laney Crowell (who now it appears I knew in college), was fired for "being on the phone with her new agent." Crowell (third from left in the picture seen here) is described as "distraught" and "can't figure out why her [ex] boyfriend is pissed at her."


Same goes for Brandon Davis, new husband of Dawn Spinner Davis, says the source. Apparently, having the entire world think his wife is a dissatisfied gold digger "isn't sitting too well" with him. (At least Dawn implied to the Times that she gets more sex in difficult times.)

We contacted the PR firm for StyleCaster - "the Web's first truly personalized, integrated fashion channel" - and they're confirming Crowell's departure. Here's the official statement:

"Laney played a part in helping to launch StyleCaster. She has a tremendous opportunity in front of her and we wish her success. At this time it was deemed best for Laney to pursue her opportunity while we bring on new talent that can focus all of their time and energy on making StyleCaster the ultimate fashion experience."

Crowell's StyleCaster blog was updated yesterday, but no mention of the recent... unpleasantness.

Whether it's satire or not— and personally, I think the blog is a satire while the article and the quotes from the DABA meetup seem genuine — the consequences sound real enough.


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