Would A DABA Lie To You?

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Did the DABA girls, those banker-loving women so devastated by the recession, pull a fast one on the New York Times? And, if so, do we dislike them more or less?


NPR's Linda Holmes says the whole thing stinks. It's obviously a hoax, she says, put on by a few women who tapped into our "deep societal hatred of the recession and hatred of privileged women who get away with everything" and turned it into a book deal.


She cites several examples, including the fact that the dabagirls domain was registered on January 16 yet has posts backdated to September, as examples that the whole thing's a fake.

Is it possible? Did we get played by DABAs?

'Dating A Banker Anonymous': Did The New York Times Get Punked? [NPR]
Did The NYT Get Punk'd By The DABA Girls?

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Don't think so. Officemate knows them all. They really are shallow obnoxious girls that talk like that. Also one of them called a friend of his for "media advice" (I guess he's a PR person) before meeting NYT, and his advice was (hang onto your hats) "Just be yourself."

Unless you mean, are they faking having a support group for each other, in which case I say who knows.