Bai Ling Reveals Her Life Of Severe Sexual Trauma

Bai Ling has a reputation in Hollywood as an eccentric figure who does crazy dances, occasionally shoplifts, and has unusual thoughts. But on last night's Celebrity Rehab, she peeled the onion by sharing stories—both from her childhood and later as an adult—in which she was sexually molested and raped. In a one-on-one session with Dr. Drew, Bai Ling told of the time she served in the Chinese People's Liberation Army when she was just 14 years old and was molested by various generals. Her talk with Dr. Drew is so raw that Bai actually identifies with her victimizers, and feels sorry for them.

In a group therapy session, Bai revealed that she'd been repeatedly date raped by a boyfriend who would ply her with alcohol to the point of passing out. It was during this session that she actually arrived at a moment of clarity in which she moved beyond her previous explanation of how she is "allergic" to alcohol and realized that she is actually an alcoholic who could benefit from rehab, rather than merely being a washed up celebrity who could benefit from the exposure of this reality show.

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I recently saw "Dumplings" for the first time and was surprised at how talented an actress she is. I hope she gets the help she needs to turn her life around. These shows just make me depressed, because I just can't see how sitting in a room with these people and Dr. Drew pouring her heart out while being filmed for entertainment (I don't care if MTV calls them "Docs.") is really helpful. But I sincerely wish her luck.