Bad Neighbors Terrorize Deathly-Ill Girl's Nurse Over Parking Space

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During the cold Chicago winters, residents of the Windy (and also wet) City call "dibs" on parking spots by shoveling them out and and placing garbage cans and lawnchairs on them. That's what the parents of Gabriela Guzman, a 5-year-old who's on a ventilator and needs around-the-clock care, did for the child's nurses and other medical professionals who come to their home. But when a nurse dared park in another space, all hell broke loose.


According to DNA Info, Isabella and Salvador Guzman don't even drive. But they make sure to shovel out parking spaces daily for all the medical professionals that visit Garbiella, who the couple felt would be better served at home than at the hospital. But with parking so scarce in the area, a nurse had to leave her car at a space not (unofficially) designated for the Guzmans on a recent Saturday. And when she returned, she found her car had been topped with city garbage cans. That's when the nurse threatened to leave her position.

From DNA Info:

"I don't know if you know what that's like, to depend on a nurse to be able to sleep. We're at everyone's mercy with the nursing care. We literally cannot leave the house unless there is someone there with her. ... It's scary when we don't know from one day to the next if they're going to come in," said Isabelle Guzman.


The Guzmans said they've tried getting help but to no avail. They want to get official disabled parking spaces for Gabriella's medical team but are wary that anyone will be able to assist them. They've been visited by local politicians who've pledged to help, but they're still unsure anything will be done—they recognize it's election season. They've installed fake cameras in front of their house to deter any more vandalism and are allegedly "watching their windows like hawks."

The nurse, who has not quit, will be hiring taxis to take her to and from the Guzmans' for the time being.

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So, obviously people should not be dumping garbage cans over people's cars, but I sort of feel like the nurse is also being a jerk here. She's threatening to quit and leave the family high and dry over something the family did not do and has no control over?

And while whoever dumped the cans overreacted, it's kind of the unwritten rule that you don't take other people's shoveled out spaces, right? It's not like they knew it belonged to a nurse caring for a disabled child.