Bad Breeder Sells Adorable, Deathly-Ill Puppies

There's a scam artist in Queens, NY who's selling both sick puppies for high prices and "highly-trained guard dogs" that are actually anything but.

While the stories of the sick puppies are really sad (despite the overwhelmingly cute photos), I couldn't help but laugh at how calm and cuddly the "guard dog" turned out to be. The way she looks at her owner's face with her sad eyes and then drops her head is probably the best response to "sic 'em" I've ever seen. Still, the breeder Robin Schulder is a total scumbag, who is not only ripping people off, but somehow allowing these animals to get incredibly sick in her care, selling them for thousands of dollars, and then refusing to help out with any vet bills. She even insisted that one puppy that she sold, who was born blind, turned out that way because his owner's must've dropped him on the head. I think maybe she was dropped on the head. The state of New York needs to yank her license to sell immediately.


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