Babymetal Is a Beautiful Mix of Pop and Heavy Metal

Things are about to get seriously kawaii-seriously because this is METAL we're talking about—up in here. Babymetal, the world's best (and probably only) half-pop/half-metal entertainment sensation has released their first full-length album and the songs sound insane. And then really catchy. And then insane again.

The trio, whose shows include elaborate costumes and some really angry facial expressions, are just as serious about that pop hook as they are about making things dangerously kawaii, so don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along while violently headbanging in confusion as you watch.

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ahh! so many things about this!! i wish i knew what they were singing so i could tell if their confusing (amazing) dance is miming their lyrics. example: eating air food, plucked from trees. if they are singing about food, i am totally on board.

also: their two-handed air-instrument at the end is how my boyfriend rocks out on air trumpet. i keep trying to explain to him that trumpet is played with one hand, but it just doesn't seem to stick.