The San Diego Zoo named their latest little one, and HOO BOY IS SHE A KEEPER. In keeping with Chinese tradition, Xiao Liwu received his name โ€” which means "little gift" and is pronounced "sshyaoww-lee-woo" โ€” upon becoming 100 days old. There were over 7,000 name submissions, and it was selected by popular vote of zoo patrons and Chinese officials. Team work!

According to Raw Story:

Born July 29, Xiao Liwu is the record-setting sixth cub born to 21-year-old Bai Yun, giving the San Diego facility the largest array of giant pandas in captivity, as part of a loan agreement with the Chinese government. As part of the program, most of his siblings have been taken back to China after turning 3 years old. Xiao Liwu and another of Bai Yun's offspring, 3-year-old Yun Zi ("Son of cloud") are the only cubs currently in San Diego.

You can even watch Xiao Liwu on the PANDA CAM (!!!) but it makes me a little sad because she doesn't really have much room. What's up with the teeny tiny enclosure? There's now a hole in my heart where all my baby panda love should go, and it's filled with sadness. Ugh, gonna have to go look at all the baby pandas in the world, one by one, to feel alive again. BABY PANDAS I LOVE YOU!!

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