Baby Goat in a Wheelchair Could Not Be Happier or More Adorable

This baby goat's name is Frostie and he is the most adorable thing you've seen today or any other Sunday this month. (I do not know what adorable things you see on other days, that is your business.) After Frostie contracted an unfortunate disease that rendered his hind legs unusable, Edgar's Mission borrowed a wheelchair from a baby pig to get Frostie back up on his feet. Check out how happy he looks wheeling around and enjoying life! Wag that tail, Frostie! You're making all of us this close to losing all ability to even.


Snacktastic Part III: the Return of the Spatula

I had a pet goat named Florence. We lived in town and so our neighbors thought we were crazy. She would stand on neighbors cars and bray or whatever young goats do. The car damage is why we had to give her to a farm (i visited her there—she really did move to a nice farm).

I loved her sideways gallop and her sweet goaty ways. I once got into trouble for bringing the goat into my bedroom and having her sleep on the end of my bed. My mom burst in and that goat ran for it. To this day, my family talks about how the goat was really one of the best pets we ever had.