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Babies Excited to See Their Dads Will Make Your Afternoon

At the risk of turning this blog into your Facebook Newsfeed (and I promise you I will only post 1-345 photos of my future children to my wall per week!), here's a video of babies overcome with excitement at seeing their dads. Goddamnit it, babies, every time I complain about you, you go and do something adorable. Perhaps it's the unadulterated glee on their faces, or the fact that they start pointing and drooling in a feeble effort to say "I know you! And you're okay!" that's making us feel so warm inside. I don't know. What I do know is that this might be one of those videos to bookmark in your terrible horrible no-good very bad day folder.


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While this is nice, it makes Mama, who has been home all day with baby, feel like chopped liver.