Awesome Man Verbally Schools the Jerk Who Calls Him a Faggot

Comedian Michael Hartney's partner Turtle was simply walking down his street when some rando idiot called him a "faggot" as he passed. Awesomely/bravely, Turtle took out his (phone?) camera and filmed a confrontation with the dude.

In an interaction that's more satisfying than anything that went down between Javert and Valjean (film version, only; stage is very moving), Turtle turns the table on the jackhole and gives him what for. The big dumb bigot is obviously uncomfortable, as he damn well should be.

Hartney writes:

Notice how well Turtle handles himself in this video. No need to fight hate with hate; calling him "slick hair" is as hateful as Turtle gets (which is hilarious and awesome). He lets that ignorant clown have it with poise and decency. Not surprising, considering Turtle is the absolute best guy around and I couldn't be prouder of him.

Our neighbors saw this altercation, and told Turtle that this man has been harassing their thirteen year-old son for years, sometimes even calling him "faggot" while the kid was in recess at school with his peers. They know who he is and where he lives. They've been too scared for the kid's safety to do anything about it. But it's going to end today.


Right on! For a million reasons, not everybody is in a position to follow their attacker after the fact, and so this feels like a win for everyone who's ever had enough. Because, seriously, fuck that guy.

[Michael Hartney]

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His partner's name is Hartney, but you refer to him as "Hackney" before the block quote...unless that was a dig at his comedic style!