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Awesome Indian Men Don Skirts to Protest Rape Culture

These guys, they're fucking awesome. This video was taken at last Saturday's "Don't Skirt the Issue" walk in Bangalore. An event that drew almost 600 RSVPs, and at least 25 men took the streets in skirts, wearing signs that read "DON'T SKIRT THE ISSUE. SPEAK UP, SUPPORT WOMEN." Rad.


This update from organizers Samarpita Samaddar and Aditya Mallya was posted to Facebook after the event:

There were about 200 people yesterday including media. There was open discussion and a pledge we all took so solemnly. 25 men in skirts supporting the initiative to spread awareness about gender equality and women's rights to choose to wear what she wants.


Everyone who attended and passerby were asked to sign the following pledge:

I promise that I will be sensitive to gender issues in the way I speak and act. I promise not to be passive. I will step in if I hear offensive speech or views. If I see something wrong happen in front of me, I will create a discussion and talk about my beliefs.

I would also like to sign that pledge. Awesome rally; more of this everywhere, please!


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"Changing mentalities, not clothes" — I like that.

We should have a rally like that here in the States, a sort of Slut Walk but for guys. Each of us volunteers to bring one or two (or more if possible) men who each agree to put on an article (or two) of feminine clothing — minis, booty shorts, leggings, stilettos, etc. — with signs like "I'm not asking for it AND NEITHER IS SHE."

Or something more creative.