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Avatar Wedding Includes The Something Blue

Illustration for article titled emAvatar/em Wedding Includes The Something Blue

Disney weddings are so passé. The hot new nuptials are Avatar-themed.

Sandstone pillars in Wu Lingyuan, a scenic area in Hunan Province, China, served as inspiration for the floating mountains of Pandora in Avatar. And the park rangers are organizing weddings inspired by the movie.


While Disney bridal gowns (and bridesmaid dresses) evoke the fantasy of being a fairy-tale princess, what fantasies are fulfilled by an Avatar wedding? Being an alien? Having aliens at your wedding?


Holding the ceremony in a beautiful location makes sense, but if you're expecting a 3D epic, you may be disappointed:

According to one bride, Xiao Tsao, who was married in a multi-couple joint service, "The Na'vi were a couple of forestry workers dressed up in long underwear dyed blue wearing some very unconvincing masks. It was really pathetic."

Bizarre Avatar-Themed Weddings Take Place In China [Nerve]

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Thank goodness those are just Lycra bodysuits. Because my first thought was the horror of having someone covered in Na'vi body paint in such close proximity to those white dresses. Seriously, that was my sole concern.

As far as the rest of it, meh. To each their own.