People can be so vile with their commentary on the Internet, but typically behind the cloak of anonymity. However, when Australia's prime minister Julia Gillard took to Facebook on Monday for a real-time interactive Q&A about her education policies—a first for the government—several men felt pretty comfortable posting derogatory and sexist remarks using their real names attached to their profiles on the social networking site.


Many of the comments were sexual in nature. Gillard was called a "slut" and was told to "lube up." One man took the opportunity to mask his own bragging in the form of a question, "Are your pubes as radiant, shiny and glorious as mine?" Another told the 51-year-old leader of the country, "Get my dinner ready." One man asked, "How's your dad?" referencing her recently deceased father.

As Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams said, "Say what you will about the Internet's robust sexist, troglodyte population, at least they're predictable."