Aunt Viv From 'Fresh Prince' Is Your New Favorite Celebrity Mess

Janet Hubert played Aunt Viv on the first few seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before she was replaced, without explanation, by another actress. Now she has resurfaced to air the grievances she had bottled up for 21 years in an amazing display of delusion.


Hubert began to make waves a few months ago when she wrote an open letter to Wendy Williams, calling the talk show host a "demon" and "devilish." (Aside from shaving one's head, calling someone "devilish" is a sure sign that a person is publicly melting down.) She had lashed out at Williams because Williams, during an interview with former Fresh Prince star Tatyana Ali, asked why Hubert had been replaced.

Well, now Hubert is being very open about why she was replaced. She and Smith didn't get along, according to her. And she's mad at Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) too, because he recently claimed that she was "crazy" and so she brought the interviewer a picture of herself eating lunch with him on set, to prove that he used to like her.

She says she is speaking out now to:

[E]nd this horrible 21-year war. Because the only people who suffer are my son and his children.

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John Boehner

Whatever, she's a great actress with the most amazing comedic timing. Her Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil were my FAVORITE TV parents, ever. Kirsten and Sandy Cohen are in second place, and they aren't even close.