Aubrey O'Day Is Extremely Mad About That Wild Trump-Putin Press Conference 


Aubrey O’Day………………………….welcome to the resistance.

O’Day, the former Danity Kane singer who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump Jr. (and wrote a song about it!!!!), isn’t one to post about politics these days. She tweeted about how unhappy she was about Donald Trump being elected president back in 2016, and she hinted at the Trumpian affair as well, and that’s about it.

But O’Day had time yesterday, and folks, she was not happy. The Trump-Putin joint press conference pushed her over the edge. She tweeted that Trump and “his mouthpieces need to grow the fuck up!”

She even reposted the Twitter rant to her Instagram story for her 893,000 followers to check out. To really drive the point home, she posted it not once:

Not twice:

But three times in a row:


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