Aubrey O'Day Goes on Television to Beg for Donald Trump Jr. Back

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Aubrey O’Day once addressed her former affair with Donald Trump Jr. by speaking to him directly: “You could say it was all a fucking fairy tale, or you can say it was real—but I need to know. And you know.” It seems she never found the answer she was looking for! TMZ reports that the former “singer” turned reality star turned Trump groupie is gearing up to win Don Jr. back on the “hit” MTV reality show Ex on the Beach.


According to sources,

Aubrey is featured on MTV’s reality show, Ex on the Beach, and sources tell TMZ ... the singer openly talks lovingly about her ex, Don Jr., while cameras are rolling. Our sources say Aubrey also takes shots at Junior’s current girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle ... calling her “crazy looking” and begging Don to dump her.

Their affair first surfaced after Page Six revealed their Celebrity Apprentice love story last year amidst Trump Jr.’s divorce. He reportedly “devastated” his ex-wife Vanessa in 2011 when he shared his intentions to leave her for a former Danity Kane star. The story remained hidden, with O’Day’s only public comment being a tweet she wrote on election night in 2016: “My story I didn’t tell is worth millions now.” We’re still waiting on that book, Aubrey.

TMZ also claims that she won’t just be discussing her burning passion for her ex-flame’s ‘phantom lats.’ According to on-set sources,

Seems Aubrey fancies herself as some kind of political seer ... our sources say, on the show, she talks about President Trump and theorizes his days in the Oval Office are numbered. We’re told the way she put it was, “The White House fiasco is about to be over.”

Who knows! She might even land a spot as “political commentator” on Fox News. It seems they’re giving them out to just about anyone these days! And in the meantime, why not enjoy a brief interlude? [TMZ]

Lil Kim went on Instagram Live Thursday to explain the cancellation of multiple interviews for her new show, Girl Cruise. In the video, she first alludes to “major outlets” being messy with the questions they presented her team. Later, it’s revealed that the instigator of the cancelation was Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. “I had a cool relationship with Andy,” Kim claims. Despite this, her “publicist and manager made the executive decision to shut it down.” She continued:

“At this point, it’s about me. I’m that bitch, nothing else. I refuse to fucking keep doing all these interviews, publications, and all of that shit if motherfuckers are not going to respect who I am, what I’ve done, where I’m at now.”


Andy Cohen was quick to comment to People, saying: “I Love Lil Kim and can’t wait for her to return to the clubhouse.” Representatives for Kim did not respond to requests for comment. Meanwhile, a source in Page Six claimed, “They set restrictions and parameters on the interview, and no respectable outlet [would] agree. It was a pretty ridiculous list.” Honestly? I feel like a round of Watch What Happens Live’s “Plead the Fifth” is the likely culprit for most of this mess! [People]

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Struggling to imagine a sadder scenario than “begging Donald Trump Jr to take you back”.