CollegeHumor is branching out from songs about Instagram and shorts about drugged up Disney Princesses, and hitting the multiplex with their first big venture.


The details:

The film, written and directed by Arrested Development producer Brad Copeland, stars Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as Will, a website manager who uses a local coffee shop as his home base. When Will learns that the shop’s owners are planning to turn it into a “bistro-lounge,” he and his pals — including Ben Schwartz, better known as Parks and Recreation‘s Jean-Ralphio — embark on a plan to save their beloved hangout. Naturally, a fake robbery and some literal toilet humor follow. Almost-Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki and Josh Groban — who’s been moonlighting as a comedian for years now — also star as Will’s dream girl and his jerky romantic rival, respectively.


That all sounds whatever to me — but I don't know why Stevie Janowski wasn't mentioned! Because Stevie Janowski is Everything.


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