Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham to Reproduce

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Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.—who infamously proposed to Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, waited a few minutes and was like, nah, I’ll go with the mostly silent Lauren Burnham—is now engaged to his chosen Lauren, and they’re now expecting a child. (If you can’t remember which Lauren she is, because there were literally four on his season, she’s pictured above.) The pair are still planning on getting married in January.


Burnham told Us Weekly about the pregnancy, “The first thing we thought of was, ‘Oh, my gosh. Our wedding!’ Obviously we’re not married yet, but this is the way it happened. And this is probably the way it was meant to happen! Arie came out with the test in his hand and tears in his eyes. He was like, ‘You’re pregnant!” I can only image the exclamation points were added for dramatic effect are not illustrative of actual enthusiasm.

Luyendyk jumped in, said they took six more tests and said it was all but an accident, “Lauren took all of them and they were all positive. We weren’t trying, but we are so excited. It’s going to be a whole new chapter in our lives.”

Congrats to them and their future hot dumb baby. Excuse me for not being totally psyched—for a couple comprised of a second-choice and a racer car driving man baby who stays totally void of empathy for his ex-fiancée, the foundation seems faulty, no?

And in case you were wondering, yes, Arie is still bummed about how his season ended...not for Becca, so much, but he does think the show made him look like a real asshole. Hmmm.

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I honestly think the way Arie was portrayed as evil and heartless for breaking up with Becca on camera is pretty laughable. They are under a lot of pressure from production, I think it took a lot of guts on his part to admit that he made a mistake and had to follow his heart. Production convinced him that it was better for everyone if it was done that way. The breakup would have been brutal for her whether or not it was filmed. And people get dumped on the show all the time... that’s what the show is. She’s better off without him.

Anyway, best of luck, Arie and Lauren.  Shits about to get real.