Arie Luyendyk Jr. Really Doesn't Like How Godawful he Looked on The Bachelor

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. is easily the world’s most-hated Bachelor, after dumping his fiancée Becca Kufrin in the most unnecessarily extended breakup The Bachelor has ever subjected viewers to. And frankly, he thinks that’s really unfair.

In a profile with Rebecca Nelson in GQ, Arie finally has his say about what went down. You might be surprised to read that he thinks he was portrayed in an unfair light. Much like everyone suspected, Arie says he was pressured to go back in and approach Becca again and again by producers. Though the show advertised the lengthy, excruciating confrontation as “the first completely unedited scene in reality television history,” Arie maintains it was heavily manipulated:

“It was completely edited,” Arie says. “I was told to stay on that couch. I tried to leave, and then production was like, ‘You need to go back inside. She’s finally calming down. I feel like you owe it to her to have this conversation.’ So then I went back in the house.”

Really? You tried to leave and they wouldn’t let you?

“Yeah. I left, came back. I stepped away from the couch, I went back to the couch.” But they kept talking him into staying. “They cut out, obviously, production talking to me from 10 feet away,” he says, and calling it unedited “was super unfair to me.” (A spokesman for Warner Bros., which handles production for The Bachelor, declined to comment.)


Ultimately, Arie thinks he did the right thing, clearing the way for Becca to be our next Bachelorette, ending up with the love of his life, Lauren (who he assures Nelson is perfect for him and just very camera-shy), and avoiding potential awkwardness for everyone on the finale special, After the Final Rose.

“I don’t understand why I’m the fall guy for filming the breakup on a television show which we all signed up to be on,” he says.

By the end of the profile, Arie refuses to continue the interview and photoshoot process with Nelson, upset with a question she asked his current fiancée. So, he really does love to change his mind. Fans and gossip lovers should definitely read the full story here.

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I absolutely believe that he was manipulated by the Bachelor producers, but I also believe that he’s a self-absorbed dummy who needs everyone to like him,. He could’ve said no to the producers and broken up with Becca off-camera, but he went along with what they wanted and now he can’t handle that people are judging him based on his behaviour.