Ariana Grande Splits from Teen Babysitter Big Sean

Just when you THOUGHT that MAINSTREAM MEDIA couldn’t FURTHER INSULT your INTELLIGENCE, Big Sean and Ariana Grande BREAKUP without ANY MENTION of what’s REALLY going on here.

Reps for both Grande and Big Sean state that the pair “deeply care for each other and remain close friends.” They “kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time.”


YES, they WOULD want PRIVACY. Privacy to STOP us from seeing THE TRUTH that Ariana Grande, A BABY, has grown into a TODDLER and is now TOO BIG for BIG SEAN (who is SHOCKINGLY SMALL) to CARRY.

Only Jezebel is DEVOTED to EXPOSING this VILE MISDIRECT. WE continue TO tell THE TRUTH.


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