Are You Obsessed with Autumn? Put Down Your PSL and Watch This

Whatever, all day apple picking sounds amazing. #fall #apples #cantstopwontstop

Written and directed by Melanie Owens and Teresa Lee, this video captures what many of us feel is both special and awful about fall. Don't worry, winter is coming.



What's insidious about fall is that it gets you hooked young. This was me in 1995. I was 12, and as you can see I was already hooked...bad.

I wish I could go back and tell that girl "Why do you think pumpkins are a source of angst?" Or "Why are you wearing plaid flannel shirts every single day?"

I'm 30 now and while I may have traded the plaid for Banana Republic sweaters, I am still bound by my addiction. Please let this be a cautionary tale...