Are Movie Sandwiches A Guy Thing?

While watching this salute to the most memorable sandwiches in movies, we noticed that the male-to-female sandwich-eating ratio is 5:1. Why aren't ladies eating sandwiches?!

The montage features ten different men chowing down on hoagies — and only two women make the cut. Of the two, Meg Ryan is only holding her sandwich in her hand during that memorable scene from When Harry Met Sally — and those reubens at Katz' Deli don't come cheap. We've already examined how hot mixing food and sex can be, so maybe it comes down to the sandwich itself? Is the sandwich gender normative or something? We missed the memo.

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Phyllis Nefler

Man I want a sandwich. I've wanted one for weeks and I can't really have what I want. Aside from the fact that gluten free bread just isn't the same when it comes to a hoagie, pregnant ladies aren't supposed to have lunchmeat (I know I'd probably be okay, but I'm saving the "thing I shouldn't have but will at some point" for a mimosa).

Sandwiches are awesome.