Are Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Locked in a Fierce Game of Revenge Vacations?

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Around New Year’s, Brian Austin Green was seen sucking face with Dancing With the Stars pro Sharna Burgess on the sandy, wave-swept shores of Hawaii. Green performed this elaborate intimacy ritual for all the bystanding paparazzi to see as if to say, “Look! I’m doing fine! Look at how hot this is and look how over my ex-wife I am!”


For her part, Burgess appears to have enjoyed her time in the sun. On Instagram, she posted a photo seemingly taken by Green, and wrote, “We cannot change what we cannot control, so we must focus on how we act and react to the world around us. I choose to react with kindness, respect, understanding, optimism, positivity, wholehearted gratitude and above all else, love. Love for myself, love for my people, and love for even those who haven’t got it for me... yet ;)”

She seems like a nice lady, even if she now sits squarely in the middle of an elaborate game of five-dimensional chess between her new boo and Megan Fox.

On Monday, Entertainment Tonight reported that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are currently on a “getaway with friends” in Las Vegas. The pair were first spotted by nefarious tipsters in the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa Friday—only for Tal Cooperman, the executive creative director of the Palms Casino Resort, to post a picture with them on Sunday.

Looks like they’re all having a “great” time.

This getaway is also not the first time Fox and Green have been locked in what appears to be fierce vacation warfare. After Courtney Stodden posted a bizarre, steamy jacuzzi video of her with Green in July, Fox immediately jetted off to Puerto Rico with Machine Gun Kelly, where he filmed a movie with Vanderpump Rules guest star Randall Emmett. (One might also know him as the mastermind behind the colossal money pit Gotti.)


Amid their split in 2020, Green did say that he wished “Megan the absolute best in everything. I want her to be completely happy, for her and for the kids.” Perhaps that counts for something. And Fox, for her own part, seems in a complete state of bliss. Besides the vacations and luxury sports car rides, she even scaled a Los Angeles club’s roof with Kelly in September. The pair provided no comment for the escapade, but Kelly did blast this blog on Instagram. (Next time dude, please provide a link too!) Green, in retaliation, got voted off The Masked Singer.

Everyone copes with divorce in their own way!



Sounds like they’re just rich people taking ill-advised Covid-time vacations.