An Extremely Weird Thing Happened With Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly, and the Roof of a Los Angeles Club

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Late Thursday night in West Hollywood, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox climbed the roof of iconic Sunset Strip party spot The Roxy. She wore chunky leopard-print heels, and he wore Doc Martens. Where she looked dressed to party, he was dressed like an escaped cult member in all white fatigues, bleached hair unkempt and casual. Why they scaled the roof is a complete and utter mystery, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since celebrities retreated indoors to work out on their Peloton bikes and tweet about voting. This is my search for answers.

I woke up to a tip in my inbox this morning, asking if I’d “seen those pictures of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.” No, I hadn’t, but I soon went looking on popular celebrity paparazzi hub Backgrid. Almost immediately, I found a photoset that meticulously documented Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox climbing the roof of The Roxy. I gasped as I clicked through it, while I looked at the duo dangling precariously over the edge of a flimsy-looking rail guard, her leopard block heels just an inch from slipping off and hurtling her to the cold, hard asphalt two stories below them. Kelly, meanwhile, looked like he’d done this before.

What the hell?

Image: GIO/SAL (Backgrid)

Here is the information provided by photographers, which generated more questions than it did answers:

*EXCLUSIVE* - Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox appear to be taking their love to new heights. The couple were seen climbing the roof of The Roxy in West Hollywood. Megan was wearing heels and MGK made sure to help her up and steady her. The happy couple took a step on their adventurous side as they scaled the side of the nightclub to get a better view of West Hollywood.

Since they began dating in July, Kelly’s bad-boy attitude has stood in stark contrast to the generally bland disposition of Fox’s ex-husband, Brian Austin Green. When they first split, sources claimed he was shocked how quickly Fox moved on with Kelly, noting that she’d traded in life with a ‘90s actor for a man almost half his age, and also covered in tattoos. (Good for her, in case that wasn’t clear.) As sage and prophet Drew Barrymore once said: “Live your blissssssssssss.”

Things also appear to be heating up for the pair, who’ve been spotted out and about since coupling up in July. They’ve posed semi-naked on Instagram, filmed a music video together, and vacationed in Puerto Rico. On a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show, Kelly claimed that his relationship with Fox was the first time he’d ever really been in love. Jinkies, that’s pretty serious!


Back to that roof escapade.

Image: GIO/SAL (Backgrid)

From images online, and my own research driving past The Roxy quite a bit, it appears that a gate blocks off roof access, as a stairwell crawls up the side of the building, and is easily accessible from the street. After scouring the photoset, and comparing it to images I’ve found of the building, it would seem that the gate was locked last night. It would certainly explain why they performed such a daring stunt to circumvent it, after presumably climbing up there before these photos had been taken.

For reference, I have superimposed an image of their location on the roof over an image of The Roxy’s roof as it can be seen from the street. Take note of the position of the gate, as well as the drainpipe visible near Kelly’s foot. Also, if one zooms in, I believe the table/stool Kelly used for leverage is visible just to the right of where I’ve superimposed the two images. It’s all making sense now!

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Image: GIO/SAL (Backgrid), Screenshot: Google Maps (Backgrid), Graphic: Joan Summer/Jezebel (Backgrid)

The photographer claimed Kelly and Fox wanted to “get a better view of West Hollywood.” Here’s how it must have happened, then, in the order I imagine it:

  • Kelly and Fox scale the stairs and encounter a locked gate.
  • To get around this gate, he shows her how they can climb around it using the ledge and the railing.
  • A photographer shows up after an indeterminate amount of time.
  • Either out of embarrassment or boredom, they decide to head back down.
  • However, the gate is still locked, so they climb back around it, Kelly going first so that Fox doesn’t slip in her heels on the railing and possibly break her spine in the fall.
  • Kelly maneuvers around Fox after helping her up, so he can lift her down, because he is like, over six feet tall.
  • The photographer continues snapping away, and the two lovebirds run off into the night together.

Neither Fox nor Kelly’s representatives, however, have yet responded to my request for clarification on why they chose to scale the roof, or what the exact timeline of events was. The world will probably never know what prompted them to do this, except a burning hot passion for risque adventure-making. Maybe it’s all an elaborate foreplay ritual? Unclear. Regardless, I won’t stop in my pursuit of the truth, and this post will be updated if, and when, I find the answers I’m looking for.

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