Or does eating tiny vagina fruit (figs) really turn you into a sex goddess?

What's the opinion here? Dr. Oz claims that ginseng, maca, and nutmeg will keep things cooking outside and inside the bedroom. Before you make yourself a tall sexy glass of ginseng, maca, and nutmeg asparagus juice, I gotta ask: Is this all a bunch of hooey?


Oz says nutmeg stimulates the nervous system of animals, leading to increased sexual activity... but how much is this sexual activity increased exactly? Wouldn't a brisk walk or a horror film rev your engines even more? And when it comes to pre-coital consumables, wouldn't it just make sense to eat a light-ish meal and then hop in the sack? I mean, you could probably eat road kill and be raring to go with the right person.

Or, my guess is, aphrodisiacs are total b.s., but they're fun b.s. Who cares if ginseng gets you going or not, most of the benefit comes from believing it does. Kinda like a placebo effect — if you think maca is gonna turn you into a sex machine, get up on it.

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