Antoni Thinks He Can Say 'Olive Oil Drizzle' and That Makes Him a Food Expert

Screenshot: Youtube/Watch What Happens Live

The Jezebel staff has a lot of opinions about Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye’s resident cooking “expert.” We’ve written about his under-salted, sad restaurant food, the problems with how he approaches teaching men to cook on the show, and speculated about if he can really cook at all. And by we I mean mostly me, since I wrote all these posts.

He’s simply too easy to dunk on! Case in point: this Watch What Happens Live segment in which Porowski is baited into critiquing the food of famous chefs. To a photo of Emeril’s couscous he says, “too much broth.” At the sight of a beautiful caprese salad made by his predecessor Ted Allen he asks, “where’s the olive oil drizzled on top?” And while everyone is disgusted by the sight of a turkey brine, Porowski schools everyone: “That’s what brine looks like! You don’t eat it, it’s raw turkey! I’ll eat it!” and then looks shocked when he discovers he just endorsed Guy Fieri’s cooking.


We get it Antoni, you know food. Now, the next time I want to convince people I can make something that isn’t a crudité, I’ll demand olive oil drizzled on everything.

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