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Queer Eye's Antoni, Who I'm Still Not Sure Can Cook, to Release Actual Cookbook

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Some people hate Queer Eye’s soft-spoken food expert Antoni Porowski. Others, like myself, find him a charming and harmless addition to the new Fab Five. But no matter what you think about Antoni’s personality, fans and enemies can agree on one thing: the man can not cook.


Or, rather, Porowski can, maybe, technically cook, but his recipes on the show leave a lot to be desired. I understand that he has the unenviable task of teaching slobbish straight men to, um, turn on a freakin’ burner and make anything, anything really! But guacamole is not really a full dish, dear Antoni, and neither is a salad of grapefruit and avocado or grilled cheese, no matter how elevated. (Maybe this is really all straight men can handle?!) And while Porowski’s Instagram has been filled with suspiciously professional-looking meals since the show aired (and his talents were mocked), I’m still not 100% sure on whether or not Porowski can actually cook well enough to be a “food expert.”

Not that it even matters, considering Porowski just landed a cookbook deal as reported by Entertainment Weekly! The book, out in 2019, will include 100 recipes that are “essential to any novice home cook, professional, and somewhere in between,” he says. My guess is that the book is going to lean heavily towards the novice level, a suspicion confirmed by book editor Rux Martin: “Antoni has an appealing vulnerability that helps him connect instantly with newbies in the kitchen.”


Who knew only being able to make meals out of avocado could be so...appealing vulnerable!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Whether or not he can cook, I don’t really care. This guy is a totally charming dreamboat and that has to be one of the worst pictures of him ever. He’s almost unrecognizable.