ANTM: Raising Awareness About Designer Knockoffs

On last night's episode, the concept of the photo shoot was to "raise awareness" for an apparently worthy cause: the sinister business of designer knockoffs. It robs the fashion industry by making the fashion industry unable to rob consumers!

What I loved most about the idiocy of this shoot is that the concept completely contradicted what it produced. The whole point was to "raise awareness about the cost of being fake," but one of the photos that received the most praise was Angelea's, for her portrayal of, "I'm fake and what! What choo gone say about it?" (Tyra's words, not mine.)

Whatever the case, I'm really glad that Angelea is pulling off good photos, because she needs to stay around as long as possible. She's infinitely entertaining to watch. She comforts people by doing Hammer dances, unintentionally masturbates ("I was feelin' myself"), doesn't know how to brush her hair, has a signature claw-growl, and shows her vagina to the streets of New York. At this point, the only difference between Angelea and my dog is the Hammer dance.


I really love girls who really love bodily functions.


Tyra mail!

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