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ANTM: Models Compete For Authenticity

Last night's episode focused on personality (fake vs. real), but more importantly featured the best statement ever uttered by a contestant on this show: "I'm smart. People would not believe that about me because of the way I am."

While the title of this post doesn't refer to breasts, it does refer to boobs—the ones in the running towards becoming someone we'll probably forget about later (until we see them modeling wigs or something.) Anyway, the strength of this cycle lies in its casting, so framing an entire episode on the importance of personality was brilliant. Even more brilliant was the way Angelea asserted her intelligence.

I've never really understood why these girls—and reality show participants—have such a boner for "realness," which essentially comes down to saying mean things to people's faces, instead of in the much more comfortable setting behind their backs. Still, I'm glad that there's some kind of arbitrary code of ethics revolving around this, because it's fun to watch.

But what's most fun to watch are aspiring models who admittedly "don't know how to act" and who "doesn't think…enough."


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I know what she meant — she sounds "ghetto" but that doesn't mean she's not smart. Speaking as a white girl, the white girls on this show embarrass the hell out of me.