ANTM Makes Even Walking Seem Impossible

It's always been laughable that one of the most challenging aspects for the contestants on this show is something that most people master as toddlers: Walking. Last night's episode played this up by making such a simple function nearly impossible.

The runway challenge featured two conveyor belts, moving in opposite directions. It was inane. Clearly Tyra's claims that this cycle is superultraseriousvogue are B.S., since the only reason why these girls would be subjected to such a difficult task is not to show off the clothing (for which runway shows are normally used), but to entertain the audience at home. Because everyone loves models who fall.

Speaking of inanity, later at panel, Tyra and André didn't care for Kayla's bun, so they had her undo it, but stopped her from touching it, because the result, to them, was high fashion.

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Well they had to up the ante from the swinging pendulums last cycle! This is why I love ANTM. More of this and less of pretending that the winner has much of a chance at a legit career.

Also, watching the Cycle 2 marathon on Bravo today, I realized something I really miss about the show...judging panel tests! Bring those back! I'd LOVE to see ALT administer one.