ANTM Fights Bullying By Humiliating Contestants

For the first photo shoot, Tyra attempted to raise awareness about teen bullying by celebrating the attributes for which the contestants were teased (being a "giant," "queer," etc.). Later, the panel talked shit about the girls behind their backs.

And they literally congratulated themselves for their social awareness, when only moments before they had described one girl's body as "gauche," another as "hoochie…almost bordering on stale," and of course mentioned different levels of "dreckitude." Then Tyra, while giving her goodbye speech to the eliminated girl—whom editing suggested had an eating disorder—Tyra told her to eat some bread and butter.

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I love how Tyra's flaw that she chooses for herself is "big forehead." While everyone else has to talk about being called giant or queer, Tyra suffered from her forehead.

Maybe it really hurt her self esteem, but she is just so self absorbed and annoying that I can't help but scoff at it.