Anti-Abortion Leader Who Was Kicked Out of the Women's March Is Also a White Supremacist


Kristen Walker Hatten, the former vice president of self-described “pro-life feminist” organization New Wave Feminists, has spent much of her public life framing her opposition to abortion rights as a matter of women’s empowerment. It also appears that Hatten, in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, has embraced white nationalism. What a twist.

This recent development was first unearthed by HuffPost, which noticed that, following Trump’s election, Hatten started describing herself as an “ethnonationalist” on Twitter and posting on Facebook about how immigrants are, apparently, taking over Europe and that white South Africans should be granted “asylum” by Trump. Previously, Hatten called the president to-be “creepy, gross, and tacky” and also a “chauvinist.”

Hatten, for her part, thinks all of this is fine. From the HuffPost:

“I admit to being racist by today’s standards, but I also think almost everyone is racist by today’s standards,” she wrote. “Is it racist to live in a majority white neighborhood? Send your kids to majority white schools? When I was a kid ‘racism’ meant hatred for another race and/or acting on that hatred. Now you’re a racist if you touch a black person’s hair because you think it’s pretty.”
Hatten added that while she is proud to be white, she does not identify as a white nationalist or a white supremacist because she believes all races have a right to their own homelands.
“I do see that Europe and the US are becoming… well, not European,” she wrote. “This concerns me not because I hate anyone, but for the same reason Japan would be concerned if the Japanese were becoming a minority in Japan. No people should be excited to become a minority in their homeland. It is contrary to human nature. I wouldn’t expect it of any race and I don’t think it should be expected of whites.”

In light of Hatten’s recent, uh, white nationalisming, the New Wave Feminists have been quick to remove her presence from their website; as the anti-abortion movement works to gain mainstream respectability, it’s not a great look to count an avowed and very vocal white supremacist amongst your ranks. Extremists of other sorts, on the other hand….

Read more at HuffPost.

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