We are all so fortunate that the New York Post followed Anthony Weiner to sex rehab, where he is taming horses and his libido all at once.

On Friday, the Post snapped a pic of Weiner riding a horse to sex recovery, in which the disgraced former Congressman, currently the subject of a federal investigation for allegedly sexting a 15-year-old girl, is definitely scowling.


And if he was in a bad mood then, I can only imagine how his face appeared ten hours later, on Friday night, when the Post published the account of a 30-something woman, a former Weiner sext buddy circa 2015, who claimed Weiner had a thing for pretending she was a little girl.


“He said I looked like a little girl and that turned him on,” the woman told the Post, adding that Weiner once wrote to her, “You’ve got a little girl p***y. Tight as f**k. Punish you.” Actually, Weiner, punish you.

According to the article, Weiner could not be reached for comment, perhaps because he was no longer in the saddle.

Frankly, I can understand why Weiner looked upset in that initial photo, despite getting to be an equestrian for a day. Perhaps he is confused as to why his fancy Tennessee rehab ranch offers scenic horseback riding, but no guarantee that there won’t be Post reporters lurking on the trail. It seems reasonable to hope for better.

Then again, is there a greater deterrent to Weiner pulling down his pants and unlocking his phone than knowing the location of his sex intermission is potentially teeming with Post reporters?