Ansel Elgort Opens Up About Being Amazing

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Yo, big news: Ansel Elgort is officially 21 years old! Also, he's still talking a lot!

Not to Jezebel, mind you—insensitive, as always, to my paralyzing fear of actor-DJs, my editor attempted to get me a 1 a.m. pre-show interview this past Saturday night with DJ Ansolo himself at Pacha, the terrible midtown club where he'd be spinning sick beats All Night Long and eating molly off the outstretched tongues of a hundred 17-year-olds named Katie.

Anyway, for some reason we didn't end up getting the interview, and I never got the chance to ruin Ansel Elgort's birthday. But thankfully GQ and Seventeen got in there, and oh god, where do I even begin!


In an exclusive post-bday interview with GQ, DJ Ansolbro shared a ton of deep stuff about himself, explaining that his show at Pacha was "bananas" and that his life is amazing.

On his new Tinder bio:

You know, I do a lot of different things—I make music, paint miniatures, I go rock climbing, of course act, so, I have friends from every part of my life, and it was cool to see everyone come together. Then we all went in a party bus to Pacha where I was playing.


On cool people thinking he's cool:

When I first met Afrojack and Nicky told him I made "Totem," he was, like, freaking out. He told me that it was his favorite track to play at the time, and he couldn't believe that I'm an actor and a credible producer.


On personal drive:

I don't want to just fall back on the fact that I was on the cover of GQ for being an actor.


On winning over his peers:

I'll get random bros come up to me and say, like, "Bro you were amazing in Fault in Our Stars," because their girlfriends made them see it or whatever, but those same guys, men ages 18 to 24, are also big EDM fans. And it's really interesting, because usually when a guy that age comes up to me to ask for a photo, they call me Ansolo. I think it's cause it's a way that they can relate to me and be a fan of me without feeling like they like the same guy that little girls do.


On lying:

I get tweets every day from people being, like, "Wow! Can't believe Ansolo is also Ansel Elgort!" and that's really awesome to me, because it shows they would have been fans of my music either way.


On supporting lesser-known artists:

This is sort of not expected, but I would love to produce a record for Missy Elliott. It would be totally different, but she makes party music. "Lose Control" was my favorite song when I was in 5th or 6th don't even have to be a fan of hip-hop to like her music.


On genius:

George Gershwin didn't have help writing "Rhapsody in Blue." So, I really don't like it when people call me a DJ.


But wait, we're not done! Ansel also did a cover feature for the April 2015 issue of Seventeen, gabbing about how he loves "doing romantic shit"—but, whoa, definitely not with Shailene Woodley.

On not being attracted to Insurgent costar Shailene Woodley:

"I've never once wanted her sexually, which is nice."

On crippling his own mother:

"I like to buy girls shoes and jewelry. I buy stupidly expensive shoes. I got Louboutins for my mom and my girlfriend before. My mom was like, 'I can't wear these; they're too high.' I was like, 'Mom, you have to try them - they're so cool. They're red snakeskin!' She still wears them every so often but she can't walk in them."


On his friend Jordan:

"[My friend] Jordan and I used to throw eggs off my roof and hit cars."

Well, this has been a huge week for us over at #AnselWatch. I'm going to go set my hair on fire, see you guys later!


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I went to summer camp with this guy and he was THE WORST on so many levels. Misogynistic, and thought he was the hottest shit on earth. Ugh.