Another of Taylor Swift's Alleged Stalkers Has Been Apprehended

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There have been many reports over the years of alleged Taylor Swift stalkers and strangers doing illegal shit to get her attention—why, just last week I wrote about a guy from Connecticut who allegedly robbed a bank then tried to throw money over the fence of her Rhode Island estate, according to police.


On Tuesday, TMZ reported that a different property of Swift’s, her Beverley Hills mansion, had been assailed by an “obsessed fan” who cops say was spotted in front of the domicile, claiming he’d driven from Colorado to meet with the pop star (she reportedly was not home, or at least not at that one).

Police say that after interviewing the suspect—38-year-old Julius Sandrock—and searching his car they decided to arrest him for felony stalking. Beverly Hills PD claimed in a filing on Tuesday for a temporary firearms restraining order against Sandrock that they found an empty gun holster, live rounds of ammunition, masks, a knife, black rope, and psychologist paperwork among the items in the suspect’s car. The restraining order was granted.


Former Smiths frontman Morrissey said a lot of crazy, racist things, although no more so than other stuff he’s said before, in a self-published interview posted to his website on Tuesday. He manage to fit “Hitler was leftwing” and “[Brexit] did not happen,” into the same obscene diatribe.

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Kanye continues to bless his followers with slightly askew platitudes.


This Friday, by the looks of it!



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Can you imagine living like Taylor Swift? Yes I know, so much money, so many nice things... but fuck... I don’t know if I trade it for all the stalkers she has. She has had some truly frightening run-ins... Knife, masks, black rope... People give her shit for the security she has with her all the time(like the pics of her and her guy on a romantic hike with security in tow) but damn. I don’t envy her at all. It’s really scary stuff.