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Anonymous Isn't Releasing Names of Teen Suicide Victim's Rapists...Yet

Illustration for article titled Anonymous Isnt Releasing Names of Teen Suicide Victims Rapists...Yet

The death of Rehtaeh Parsons, the 17-year-old Nova Scotian who committed suicide last week after being gang-raped at a party in 2011 and then cyber-bullied about it for over a year afterwards, is being avenged by Anonymous.

Just as in Steubenville, the vigilante internet activists are on the scene, and say they have the names of two of Parsons' attackers — and that they're close to identifying a third and fourth.

Anonymous is using this information to spur investigators and attorneys in Novia Scotia to take action on Parsons' case. Some are calling Anonymous' withholding of the names from the public an uncharacteristically restrained move from the group — and one that will hopefully pay off in swift action from Nova Scotian authorities. However, if they don't move on the case soon, it's only a matter of time before Anonymous releases the names.


While it's easy to take issue with Anonymous' tactics sometimes, it's nice to know they're holding the powers that be accountable. Hopefully one day we'll be able to count on a police force and courts to takes crimes against girls and women seriously — until then, bring on the creepy masks.

Here's there full press release via The Daily Dot:

Anonymous engaged [#OpJustice4Rehtaeh] this morning in response to the suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons. Justice Minister Ross Landy says that it is important for Nova Scotians to have faith in their justice system.


Mr. Landy, justice is in your hands. Anonymous has confirmed the identities of two of the four alleged rapists. We are currently confirming a third and it is only a matter of time before the fourth is identified as well.

Our demands are simple: We want the N.S. RCMP to take immediate legal action against the individuals in question. We encourage you to act fast. If we were able to locate these boys within 2 hours, it will not be long before someone else finds them.

We do not approve of vigilante justice as the media claims. That would mean we approve of violent actions against these rapists at the hands of an unruly mob. What we want is justice. And That's your job. So do it.The names of the rapists will be kept until it is apparent you have no intention of providing justice to Retaeh's family. Please be aware that there are other groups of Anons also attempting to uncover this information and they may not to wish to wait at all. Better act fast.

Be aware that we will be organizing large demonstrations outside of your headquarters. The rapists will be held accountable for their actions. You will be held accountable for your failure to act.

[Daily Dot]

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It must be nice to be a vigilante these days, not being constrained the bounds of civil rights and all. I'm sure most of these stuff anon picks up are from public sources, but it still makes me a bit uncomfortable to know that some of the information could be illegally obtained.

So is this the future of enforcing police accountability? Work harder or we ruin the lives of a few (possibly innocent/less guilty) people? It sorta feels like hostage taking behaviour.

I know the sample size is small but there a racial element appearing in these Anon actions. All of the victims are photogenic white girls who have been sexually assaulted (Amanda Todd, Jane Doe, Parsons). But you can probably chalk that up to the Missing White Woman syndrome.

But still, Go Anon.