Angelina Jolie Was 'Furious' That Brad Pitt Got to Spend Time With Their Kids on Christmas

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The holidays are always really fun when your parents are divorced, but when your parents are in the process of getting divorced and also happen to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they’re probably a little bit worse.


It seems that Angie’s having trouble accepting the fact that her soon-to-be ex husband Brad is allowed to spend time with their six children, according to this report from The Hollywood Life. A therapist approved that the Jolie-Pitt babies were allowed to spend time with their father and according to the source, “After being told that the kids were cleared to visit Brad at his house she tried to change the terms and have the visit at her home. But she was firmly told no. And that made her furious.”

Maddox and Pax, the two oldest kids, were reportedly given the option not to see their dad, so at least there’s that, I guess. Just a couple days before Christmas, Brad asked that the courts seal the records involving personal details about their children which feels like something that should’ve been done from the jump. Hopefully this entire debacle wraps up soon, because being stuck in the middle of a freaking divorce when your parents are also super famous doesn’t sound like an awful lot of fun.

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While you opened presents and fought with your siblings and started drinking wine at 2pm this weekend, Kylie Jenner made...this. For you!

I’m not entirely sure what Kyle is trying to achieve with this work, but any meaning I could extrapolate from this will not top this comment, from a visual-criticism professor in training, probably: “Seen better A Level media studies projects. When will people realize that these kinds of lazy films, thinly veiled as art, lack any substance and offer nothing at all. You could probably have done better.”



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Here is Kim Kardashian and her family celebrating Christmas in a photograph that looks like it was shot in 1992.



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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

Someday, after I become ridiculously wealthy and successful, I will throw a fabulous annual holiday party called Fifth Christmas and only children whose parents are divorced will be allowed to come. And we will drink and be merry and bitch about our parents.