On Twitter, Sanders supporters quickly flooded Ross’s mentions, angry that she would criticize his decision to skip the landmark forum in light of his previous record of support for LGBTQ rights, according to Out.

But the worst of the harassment came from Trump supporters, who were angry that Ross used the forum to point out the administration’s abuses of the trans community:

“One of the reasons I’m here tonight, is because the Trump administration is harming transgender Americans,” she said at the forum. “So let’s just review, why don’t we, just a handful of those moves. The administration moved to revoke trans healthcare and descrimination protections. They made it more difficult for homeless trans people to access shelters, and every Education Secretary Betsy Devos, however you say her name, her decision to stop investigating the complaints of trans students, hurts trans students across the country, when Secretary Devos should be helping to make sure every student can learn.”


Following the Advocate’s tweet featuring her remarks, commenters used the video as an opportunity to misgender Ross and label her mentally ill.


After a weekend of harassment, Ross tweeted “Going to take a break from social media for a while and let me [sic] team run my accounts.” That sounds like an excellent move as Twitter remains some of the best evidence we have that the internet was a terrible idea.