Angela Rye Does Not Suffer Fools

Image via CNN.
Image via CNN.

When a large portion of pundits on cable news are actively benefiting from a corrupt and moronic administration, it’s especially gratifying to meet one who isn’t afraid to call them out on their bullshit.

On this episode of Big Time Dicks, Prachi and I speak with Angela Rye, an attorney and political contributor at CNN who has repeatedly pushed Trump surrogates to explain themselves on air (in 2016, I called her “the only good political commentator” for telling Corey Lewandowski “Boy, bye,” and I stand by that). Now, she’s building upon her rapidly growing fanbase with the launch of her own podcast, called On 1 with A. Rye. Her first episode aired this Wednesday, and featured an excellent interview with Rep. Maxine Waters, in which they talk about everything from the resurgence of the women’s movement to gangster rap (Waters’s favorite rapper is Tupac).


“The most important thing is telling people the truth. I see it as a privilege to be on air in whatever form,” Rye said of how she approaches her work on CNN. “I see it as a privilege to be on your podcast with you right now. What I do with my privilege is ensure that I’m giving people raw, unfiltered truth. That is my job, it’s in my name—my name literally means ‘Bringer of truth,’ or ‘messenger of God.’ I think God would sometimes question if I’m doing it in a godly way, but I think the point remains.”

Listen to the whole interview to her Rye’s thoughts on Trump’s attacks on women, more about the Rep. Waters interview, and her newly-developed Amazon Prime Now addiction.

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Has any pundit pointed out yet that when “that meeting” was an option for the Gore campaign that they alerted the damn FBI? No, 45, not everyone would take it because not everyone is completely ignorant of the legality of conspiring with a foreign government to win a federal election.