Andy Cohen Fittingly Hosted the Dramatic Season Finale of Inside Amy Schumer

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The Season 4 finale of Inside Amy Schumer—or its “contractually obligated clip show”—took the form of a very contentious Real Housewives-style reunion, which included several strong New Jersey accents, the phrase “I sinceriously apologize,” and your host, Andy Cohen.

Joined by Schumer’s sister and the show’s producer/writer Kim Caramello plus frequent guest stars Bridget Everett and Greta Lee, Bravo Andy referees several fights based on clips from the show, one of which—in true Beverly Hills style—has no discernible basis, and another that involves whether or not Amy has ears. “Check the tape, check the tape!” Kim screams at one point. “I pay my bills!” Greta hollers repeatedly during another exchange. Bridget Everett stares lustily at Andy, yawns, and tosses several shocked expressions at the camera. They are all clearly having a very good time.

The episode aired clips from the past four seasons of Inside Amy Schumer, harkening back to some of the show’s crowning moments, the best of which take brutally accurate aim at male bullshit“Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup,” Football Town Nights, Last Fuckable Day, and, of course, 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer.


The first confrontation begins when Andy reads a question from Mavis L. from Rancho Cucamonga: “Amy, why do you talk about your pussy so much? Are you scared we won’t believe you have one? We get it, you’re disgusting!”

“Andy, on my life, I have never. Never in my life have I ever said that word,” Amy says. “On my life, on my children’s lives, on my children’s children’s lives. Never have I said that word! That’s family and you don’t do that to family.”

“Wait, are you saying your pussy is family?”

She knows what I’m talking about,” Amy says, pointing to Kim.

Watch the full episode here.

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