Watch 12 Angry Dudes Debate Whether Amy Schumer Is Hot Enough

Tuesday night’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer poked fun at the never-ending focus on Schumer’s looks in the best and most self-deprecating way possible—with a scathing sketch that parodied 12 Angry Men.

Watch a clip above, which features a roundtable of dudes like Paul Giamatti, Jeff Goldblum and Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser staring at a poster of Schumer while intensely debating whether Schumer is hot enough for television and/or jacking off.

“You really need to look at her again,” says Giamatti. “She’s built like a linemen and she has Cabbage Patch-like features.”


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i’d also like to submit that jeff goldblum was the perfect addition to this sketch, rivaled only by the wigglyness of the dildos.