Andrew Garfield Is Going Through a Rough Moment

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Is everything okay?

Andrew Garfield, celebrity boyfriend to Emma Stone (and an actor in his own right!), seems to be going through something. In an interview with Vulture meant to promote his new movie 99 Homes, Garfield had little patience for interviewer Kyle Buchanan’s relatively basic questions.


“Why the fuck am I doing this?” he said. “Coming in today to do interviews, I’m like, why? ...I know that I’m an actor and it’s part of the job and I feel lucky to get to do that, but with the interviews, it’s such a weird thing. What do I have to say?”

Buchanan began the conversation with a comment about one of the themes of the movie, how the upper-class often manipulates lower classes into voting against their own interests.


Garfield sighed. Buchanan elaborated. Then Garfield said:

“It’s so heavy even talking about it. Hearing you talk, I just suddenly feel like my head is wrapped in cellophane. How do we wake up, how do I wake up? What do I do? Because I can stand here and be like, “We need to fucking do shit.” I can say that. But if I’m not doing anything, what the fuck am I really doing??”

“Art is a part of it,” Buchanan patiently reasoned. “Art can make people see things in a different way than an editorial in a newspaper.”

“Why don’t you just do this interview? You’re saying the right shit.”


Garfield then talked about the fame that came with his role as Spiderman, noting that celebrity culture was unkind to him.


“We are constantly told we’re not enough, we’re told constantly that we don’t have enough, we’re told constantly that we’ll never be enough. It’s that dangling-carrot thing.”

“That was my experience with the Spider-Man thing,” he continued. “It’s like ‘Oh fuck, my life is now great!’ But in fact, I’m still fucked up in my own ways, and insecure, and scared, and don’t really know who I am. Celebrity is the new religion, as far as I can see, along with money, power, status. It’s all the same umbrella — the seductive forces of evil, really.”


I want to throw it out there that my friends are always like, “Wow, Joanna you give the best advice, I feel so much better now, wow!” So Andrew, just know that if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or an unlisted apartment in beautiful South Brooklyn to platonically crash in, I would be happy to help. Really, it’s nothing. I have a cat in case you’re allergic, but we could lock him in the bathroom!

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Actors live in such a stupid little bubble, it’s pathetic. The fact that they think their lives are so hard and have no idea what normal people go through, and still have the balls to play victim publicly is embarrassing. They are so disconnected from the rest of the world. Yes, your life is so hard Andrew, playing dress up for millions of dollars.