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Anderson Cooper Thinks We Don't Know He Loves Real Housewives

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For those of you confused about how Anderson Cooper's new daytime show will differ from his nightly news show on CNN, he explained in an interview with AdWeek:

"We think this will be the only show on the air that covers a broad spectrum of topics ... For years in news I was ashamed to admit I watch Housewives. Now that I'm at daytime TV, I can fully reveal that I like Housewives ... You can be very serious and very passionate about [serious news] and still like NeNe Leakes. People know that you can juggle different things."


This is going to be great, because oftentimes when the ladies on The View are 45 minutes into a debate on Obama's war strategy, we start thinking, "Okay, but what do you think of Snooki?" However, we're a bit concerned that AC thinks it's news that he likes Real Housewives. We figured out the extent of his reality TV addiction when he reenacted moments from Living Lohan on Regis and Kelly. The revelation that it goes even deeper makes us worry that his new show will just be an extremely disturbing version of Watch What Happens Live.


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Kat Callahan

But does Anderson Cooper know how much we love him?