When Regis is Away, Anderson Cooper Comes Out to Play

One of the best things about Anderson Cooper is that he anchors a two-hour news broadcast every night, and yet seems to watch as much reality TV as the rest of us. Anderson filled in for Regis today on Live With Regis and Kelly and unveiled his latest D-list celebrity impersonations, Dina Lohan and the "leathah" woman from Project Runway (as seen in the clip above). Anderson theorizes that the "atrocious" Living Lohan is only on the air because, "I guess people are hoping that maybe this other person, Lindsay, is going to show up, but until then we're stuck with these horrific people." Oh, Anderson. That's exactly how I feel about Regis and Kelly every morning that you're not there!

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@Calraigh: I love her too. I try and pretend it's because she played Hayley on All My Children when I was wee and it's just stuck. I really just think she's adorable and somewhat normal and very silly. See also, HOT husband and adorable (appropriately named and dressed) children.