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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

And This Is How You Totally Dominate The Cover Of Vogue Paris

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Here's Russian model Natasha Poly, rocking brown hair and bright eyeshadow on the November cover of Vogue Paris. [@VogueParisLive]
  • Victoria Beckham Tweeted a super-close-up picture of her husband looking hunky and wearing a pair of her new sunglasses. [@victoriabeckham]
  • Attention, New York fashionistas: Karl Lagerfeld is coming back to town this November, to announce the 2010 winner of the Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. Among the nominees are young designers Joseph Altuzarra, Prabal Gurung, Pamela Love, and Christian Cota. [WWD]
  • Wondering why J.Lo's ad for Gucci's kiddie clothing line looks a little strange? One of her kids was obviously 'shopped into her arms in post-production. [Golden Fiddle]
  • Mark Salling, who plays Puck on that show about teenagers who like to sing a lot, is partnering with Guess to stream a bonus song from his forthcoming solo album on the retailer's website. [WWD]
  • Gap's spring collection looks very pale and very neutral, with a pair of white bell-bottoms that looks like a mass-market version of some Balenciaga pants we coveted in maybe 2006. [WWD]
  • Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant's collection of four mini nail polishes can be had for $25 at QVC. [QVC]
  • For some reason, it is both strange and perfect that Rosanne Cash and Chantal Bacon — who was Betsey Johnson's longtime business partner until very recently, when Johnson's label became a property of Steve Madden — should be neighbors and close friends. [WWD]
  • Dumb Times headline du jour: "Why Can't Middle-Aged Women Have Long Hair?" No, let us guess: it's because there's a law against it, right? [NYTimes]
  • Anti-racism watchdog groups in France want to hold a rally with Al Sharpton (!) in November to protest Jean-Paul Guerlain's racist statements. They are also threatening to boycott Guerlain and parent company Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy's products. Guerlain, who is no longer associated with the company that bears his family name, said in an interview on French television that when he formulated his scent Samsara, "I worked like a n——r. I don't know if n——s ever even worked that hard." (His exact quote was, "Je me suis mis à travailler comme un nègre. Je ne sais pas si les nègres ont toujours tellement travaillé, mais enfin." In French, "nègre" is a serious ethnic slur, often translated into English as "negro" or the N-word.) [WWD]
  • In other perfume news, Avon wants its new scent, Slip Into..., to "capture the transformative power of stepping into a high-heel shoe." Wha? [WWD]
  • Georgia May Jagger is doing her inevitable clothing line as a collection for Hudson jeans, of which she is the face. [Vogue UK]
  • Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist sat behind Vogue Nippon fashion editor Anna Dello Russo at a screening of Kanye West's Runaway. And Anna Dello Russo's enormous Vegas-meets-centurion headpiece kinda totally blocked his view. [The Sartorialist]
  • Speaking of Anna Dello Russo, she describes her perfume, Beyond, thusly: "My fragrance is a gadget; it's a mass-market toy. I wanted to create something pop." It will be sold, for $25, in a 10ml bottle shaped like a gold shoe — Cinderella reference intended. "For 20 years no one noticed me — I worked like Cinderella at the bottom of the pile. Finally I've been invited to the ball," Dello Russo explains. She would also like to release a music album — because a clothing line, that would be too obvious. [WWD]
  • Attention, women who wear flats: Manolo Blahnik would very much like you to know that he bears you no animosity, either personally or as a group. [Vogue UK]
  • Shoe brand Roger Vivier, which pretty much peaked when it shod Catherine Deneuve's lovely, repressed housewife feet in Belle de Jour, is getting out of the couture business. Yay, you say. No more $20,000 shoes! Instead, have at your $995-$10,300 shoes. [The Cut]
  • Is there something we are missing about "North of Madison," the reality show's working title? North of Madison? We — and the map — would put "North of Madison" at around 138th St., in the Harlem River. Madison is a bloody North/South road. Seriously, someone please explain to us the point of this name? [Fashionologie]
  • Tod's head Diego Della Valle, who had portrayed himself as a disinterested investor merely snapping up Saks stock at a good price, now owns a massive, 19.1% slice of Saks Fifth Avenue. [WWD]
  • Somewhat oddly, the fashion label Kate Spade has released a book of short stories. (That's the next logical step from book purses, right?) Authors including Laurie Baker, Bridie Clark, Hannah Seligson and Sara Vilkomerson contributed to She is Quick And Playful And Strong, and their stories each had to incorporate that phrase. [T]
  • The Standard hotel is also getting into publishing.
  • Burberry now has 2 million Facebook fans. [WWD]
  • Jody Quon, who resigned after six years at New York to become the creative director of W, has left the magazine after just three issues. A spokesperson for W characterized the decision as "mutual," though Quon, who was new editor Stefano Tonchi's deputy, says she resigned. [DFR]
  • Vera Bradley became a publicly traded company, and its IPO raised some $176 million. [WWD]
  • Four men who robbed a Vancouver jewelry store of $200,000 worth of merchandise were tackled by customers. One was detained until police arrived, while three got away thanks to spraying something horrific called "bear spray." [Vancouver Sun]
  • If you've always dreamed of owning Marty McFly's self-adjusting jacket from the future, now's your chance: the costume is going up for auction. Alternatively, you could just wait five more years for fashion to invent self-adjusting clothing and get it to market. [Profiles in History]