An Olympic Diving Team Has Broken Up Over an Alleged Fuck Fest

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People are collectively fascinated by the sex lives of Olympians. They’re generally in peak physical condition, young, and confined to a village together for weeks. One particular story has surfaced as the naughty gossip of Rio 2016, and it’s a bizarre melange of sex-shaming, narcing, and being a truly shitty roommate.


Giovanna Pedroso and Ingrid Oliveira competed in the synchronized diving final for Brazil, but they placed last. On the eve of their competition they allegedly got into a huge fight when Pedroso came back to their hotel room and found Oliveira there with another Olympic hard body, canoeist Pedro Goncalves. It sounds like things didn’t get ugly until Oliveira suggested that Pedroso find somewhere else to sleep for the night.

The story has, of course, gained traction, and it’s been rumored that after Pedroso was kept out of her hotel room all night, she complained to her coaches. Executives from Brazilian Olympic Committee supposedly even knew about it. Yet, many seem to feel that if Oliveira weren’t a woman, there wouldn’t be any salacious attention directed at her story at all. Gustavo Ribeiro of Plus 55 writes:

If Ingrid Oliveira were a man, would the backlash be this intense? Would we talk about her “escapade,” as some media outlets did? Or would we be instead eager to find out how the “score” was? I would go even further, and say that if anyone hurt the duo’s performance, it was Giovanna Pedroso, who complained to the coaching staff. Come on, Giovanna, be a team player!

Hmm, ya lost me there at the end, buddy. If my roommate locked me out of my room on the night before our huge Olympic event I’d lose my damn mind.

Neither the canoeist nor Oliveira have commented on the “scandal” of getting laid, but Oliveira is still posting to social media. Whatever did or did not happen, one thing’s for sure—she’s a great diver.

And maybe a terrible roommate.

The duo announced that they would separate and concentrate on their own diving shortly after the competition, but Pedroso claims it’s because of a fight they had over diving. She told Brazilian newspaper O Globo, “This fight started in training because I wanted to make a jump and she wanted to do another.”

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Pedroso came back to their hotel room and found Oliveira there with another Olympic hard body, canoeist Pedro Goncalves.

I’d be mad too if I found my teammate in bed with a goddamn canoeist.