An Artist's Rendition of Mossimo of the Target Mossimos, and His New Pre-Prison Haircut

Illustration for article titled An Artist's Rendition of Mossimo of the Target Mossimos, and His New Pre-Prison Haircut
Illustration: Joan Summers, Jezebel

In two days, Mossimo Giannulli, the disgraced Target designer, will head to prison for five months for his role in the college admissions scandal, in which he and wife Lori Loughlin were found guilty of paying $500,000 to bypass the college admissions system—only wind up with daughters who did not, in fact, attend college. Loughlin is already serving her two-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, where she will spend the first two weeks in quarantine and be back in time for Christmas (her signature holiday). Giannulli, meanwhile, will serve a much stricter sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc, California, since prosecutors felt his sentence should reflect his more active role in the elaborate scheme to get their daughters into USC.


In photos obtained by Daily Mail, which Jezebel unfortunately cannot afford, Giannulli appeared in public two days before his sentence begins. Instead of his signature gelled hair, however, he now sports an intense beard, heavy eye-shadows, and a shaved head. I have recreated them above.

Photos of his new look show a man who knows full well what is likely ahead of him in the prison system, which is normally evil and extractive but here sounds like summer camp; Daily Mail reports the facility where he will be jailed “encourages arts and crafts and allows ‘table games’ and ‘music programs.’” But, obviously, it is still a prison.

How Mossimo (of the Target Mossimos) will emerge from his sentence is still unclear. The same goes for his wife, who has yet to see her public image rehabilitated since the scandal first broke in early 2019. Felicity Huffman, another conspirator in the scandal since dubbed Operation Varsity Blues, has enjoyed a fraction of her public life—pandemic aside—after she re-emerged from her 11-day sentence last fall. Loughlin, unlike Huffman, hid from the public for two years, and all but refused to apologize for her actions, unlike Huffman, who prostrated herself in court before (and after) her judgment was handed down.

And so Giannulli waits. In two days, he too will turn himself in to authorities. Will he re-emerge in five months a changed man? Maybe, but more likely he will just become better at macaroni art.



5 months. You know if Joe average was caught selling his buddy some recreational drugs he’d be in jail for a lot longer than that.