An Animated Explanation Of The Al Gore Scandal

Al Gore's sex scandal is slightly confusing, but thankfully the Taiwanese news service NMA has created this animation explaining how Joey Buttafuoco Gore asked a woman to massage his radioactive loins and roleplay his George W. Bush/Pink sex fantasy. [Videogum]

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Okay a few things.

1) The Sims masseuse and Horny Poodle Al are acting Chinese. They have distinct Chinese mannerisms — the head nodding when they greet each other; Al's pointing with his finger while bobbing his head forward; Al's beckoning gesture with his palm facing down (instead of palm upwards as Americans do); and the masseuse's chin is down when she is shaking her head "no" while her arms are half way up to shield her body.

It's like watching an animated Chinese soap opera.

2) So NMA is apparently the tabloidy news source in Taiwan. Well, very tacky move on their part because they know Al's third daughter, Sarah Lee (yes that is her married name) married a Taiwanese man a few years ago.

3)My Chinese is not fluent, so I need help Mandarin speaking Jezzies, but I believe the translation for a massage "happy ending" is........happy ending!