Amy Sedaris Shows You Crafts For Poor Folks

Actress/comedian Amy Sedaris is a funny lady who takes crafting very seriously. This morning she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to promote Simple Times, her budget-friendly guide to creating crafts out of found materials.

Some examples from the books she showed off today were a tinfoil bracelet, "Jesus sandals" (made from scrapes of old carpet), and—Wendy's personal favorite—a lampshade that uses salon color sample hair as tassels.

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Amy is awesome. She isn't that type of comedian who goes for the shtick of being the cute chick who tells/does gross things. *cough* Sarah Silverman*cough*. Amy is completely original.

I would like to start a petition that the brilliant, hilarious, & gorgeous Amy Sedaris be a correspondent for The Daily Show who would replace the non-funny Olivia Munn girl.